Helps You Hold Onto Calcium for Strong Bones

Boron is a trace mineral vital to bone health by helping the body retain calcium and maintain adequate levels of minerals and hormones, thus reducing bone demineralization and bone loss. It also helps in the retention of testosterone which aids in building and maintaining muscle mass.

It has also been used for treatment of osteoarthritis, and is thought to be beneficial in improving thinking skills and muscle coordination.

Found in certain foods (listed below), Boron is also available in supplement form as medicine. Taken orally, Boron may improve cognitive function and fine motor skills in aging adults.

Women sometimes use boric acid capsules (the most common form of Boron), inside the vagina to treat yeast infections when other remedies fail to work. Boric acid may be applied to the skin as an astringent and to help prevent infection. For decades, it has been used as an eye wash. From the late 1800’s through WWII, it was used as a food preservative.

Boron deficiency has been associated with depression, increased effects of stress on the body and problems metabolizing minerals, including Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous.

Good food sources of Boron include almonds, hazel nuts, avocados, bananas, pears, prunes, beans, raisins, tomatoes and apples.

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